"Improves your game more than any club in your bag"
     Tony Duran, Golf Professional
BreakMaster Digital Green Reader

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1. You want to buy a useful gift for that golfer in your life - not just a gadget.

The biggest problem golfers have in lowering their scores is on the green. It's hard to know by eyesight alone how gravity (the break on the green) is going to affect the roll of the putt.  That's why so many amateur golfers miss putts and (unhappily) score higher than they would like.  The BreakMaster is a precision tool that will help any golfer understand the break.  With that understanding golfers will make more breaking putts and lower their scores.

2. The BreakMaster is used by Tour Pros and Tour Caddies around the world.

The BreakMaster is the most widely used green reader on the market.  Tour Pros and Tour Caddies on the PGA, LPGA, Champions and many other professional tours have been using the BreakMaster to read and chart golf greens for their tournaments.  The BreakMaster has been purchased by such pro organizations as the PGA, USGA and R&A St. Andrews. Visit our Pro Users Page to see our numerous pro users. 

3.  The BreakMaster will help golfers chart the greens on the golf courses they play.

Most golfers play the same golf courses all the time.  By enabling golfers to chart the greens on the courses they play, golfers will understand their greens more accurately and will use that knowledge to make more accurate putts.  It is LEGAL to chart greens with the BreakMaster and record that information in our Greens Book.  The USGA and R&A ruled in 2019 that charting greens with greens books like ours is legal under the Rules of Golf.  

For these reasons and more, the BreakMaster is the perfect gift for any serious golfer.