BreakMaster Digital Green Reader

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Golf Magazine FEATUREs the BreakMaster... aGAIN

The BreakMaster is featured in the "Green Reading Special" in the May 2015 issue of Golf Magazine.   

The article says "The BreakMaster, ($119.95) instantly tells you in exact degrees how much the green breaks at any point.  The nifty digital display also indicates the direction of the slope it rests on.  Each BreakMaster comes with a Greens Book explaining how to chart greens like a tour caddie."

We'd like to thank Golf Magazine for letting its readers know what thousands of smart golfers already know -- that the information the BreakMaster displays can help any golfer read and chart greens like the tour pros do.

By the way, the device listed to the right of the BreakMaster, the "BreakMeter" app for the iPhone is NOT ACCURATE.  It uses accelerometer technology that averages slope rather than taking an exact accurate reading.  If this technology was accurate for the small slope readings on the green, we might have used in the BreakMaster.  But it is NOT ACCURATE.  Don't be fooled.

(Published May, 2015)